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Two Months Later

24 June 2017
Two months after I spilled a little bit of my heart out onto the page here, I figured I should make a reappearance.

Life is sweet and Norwich is sweeter. Having grabbed all my bags and packed my life into my little car, I drove a good 300 miles across the country, with little idea what the next few months would have in store. In short - I was freaking out.

Fast forward a couple of months and here I am, alive, well and happy. It turns out that Norwich was everything that the doctor ordered and more.

I mean come on, look at that little face. He's right on my doorstep - cute is good for the soul.

I have one month left here and by the end of it, I'll have produced my Master's thesis - one step closer to fully fledged adult status. NOPE, nope, nope. Here's to the last month of exploring my new backyard, sunshine and house sharing. Oh and writing that thesis (but we can forget about that for now).

Until next time,