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13 April 2017

Life doesn't stop for anybody. Stephen Chbosky wrote about it, Deaf Havana sung about it. And it really doesn't. In the past year, I've graduated from one course, started a Master's in a brand new one, travelled to the other side of the world and lived my everyday life. All along though, there was one thing that I failed to notice. I grew. And I'm damn proud of it. Don't fret, I'm not about to get all hot and heavy on you.

Within the past 8 months, I've done everything I've listed above. I've had highs and I've most definitely had lows. I had never taken the time to reflect until a couple of weeks ago, where an interviewer asked me: "what do you consider to be your greatest achievement?" and honestly, when you strip it down to the basics, it turned out it was my own personal growth.

Flash back to the tail end of last year: I was in a course that I loved, surrounded by people that I loved and who loved me, yet I felt so low. I was painfully self conscious of myself, my thoughts and everything that I did, to the point that one night at an event, I had to lock myself in a toilet to get away from everyone for a while. The saddest part is that I never truly realised it.

More recently, I've been forced to focus on myself and somewhere along the line, my confidence not only in myself but in everything that I do has grown massively. It's the little things. I've made numerous phone calls, had multiple interviews and stood up for myself without fearing the consequences. I've stood up in a court of law to present evidence without my heart skipping a beat and talked my way into a dream placement. I no longer feel overwhelmed at work on a regular basis, I laugh stupidly loud without being embarrassed (because I can) and in no way have I tried to reign in my facial expressions. Basic, I know but for people who know me well, it's definitely progression and I'd be a fool not to take it. In a few weeks time, I'll be packing up and moving to a new city; a few months after that and I'll be flying solo to Cambodia - and I'm really proud. Granted, it's absolutely terrifying but hey, I'll fumble on through.

The point is, sometimes the greatest achievements come from the simplest things. We're constantly growing and evolving, so sit back and reflect every once in a while - you might be surprised at what you've accomplished.

Until next time,