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A Month of Finals

1 April 2016

Another month has come and gone and whilst March has never been known to be of much significance, oh boy, did things get significant this time around. I entered the month of March in a state of calm, with few expectations and very little knowledge that March was about to become "the month of finals".

Dubbed as "the month of finals", March saw me hand in my last ever piece of university coursework (if you ever want to know how humans would evolve to live on Mars, hit me up - I'm an expert now), my last ever lecture at university, my last ever class meeting and of course, my last ever cheer training and performance with the university team. You can take it as a given that I wasn't exactly devastated about the first half of 'final ever's' in that list - I mean, there were only so many more 3 hour lectures that I could take. Don't even get me started on the coursework. The second half of that list though? Not so much.

When I first started university 4 years ago, the prospect of my last ever lecture or my last ever piece of coursework seemed a lifetime away - a lifetime in which I would have my life together and would know exactly which direction I wanted to head in; whoops, my bad. I guess you could say I have mixed emotions about the whole thing but hey, I won't bore you to tears - that's what lectures/work/coursework is for! All in all March, you've been an interesting one, here's to April!

Until next time,