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16 March 2016
Fitness. You either love it, or you hate it. There can be no denying though that there is no escaping it - be it that perfectly Instagrammed avocado on toast gracing your feed on a daily basis, or the trainers and sports leggings that everyone and their dog seem to be wearing nowadays. Fitness is in and boy is it big.

Now it's no lie that I love health and fitness. Since I could walk I was involved in every sport going and even now, my degree reminds me on a daily basis the importance of diet and health. Rewind back to January of last year: out of nowhere all my social media feeds seemed to blow up with fitness related EVERYTHING. The world seemed to become obsessed with sportswear and trainers, fitness bloggers took front and centre stage in the blogging world and Instagram became a coconut sipping, avocado filled, exercise loving paradise. It seemed like a fad; something that would die off after the summer, when demand for a "bikini body" tailed off and the sun disappeared. Spoiler alert: it didn't. The fitness fad was resilient.

Here we are, March 2016 and I still can't go a full day without seeing an avocado in some capacity and I'm certainly not complaining. As much as I love to eat all the food (and I mean all of it), that daily reminder acts as motivation to maybe not eat the entire contents of the fridge - I have no shame. I think that in today's world, anything that we can use to encourage and inspire a healthy, balanced lifestyle can only be a good thing. Long live the fitness fad.

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