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9 March 2016
It was International Women's Day this week - 8th March to be precise but hey, you probably already knew that. It was a day in which girls and women from all over the globe came together to promote gender equality and celebrate all that women have achieved. There was even a snapchat filter - that's when you know it's legitimate.

Now I'm not one to usually speak out on such matters and I'm trying to keep this fairly brief, but watching and recognising the achievements of women and girls from across the arts, sciences, sporting and pretty much any other field that you can think of, was pretty cool.

However, gender inequality still exists. I have been lucky enough to grow up in an environment where I have been taught that I can achieve anything and become anything that I want, so long as I work hard enough for it. I have been taught that my possibilities are endless - I'm lucky. We must think of those around the world without these opportunities: the girls who can't get an education because of their gender, the girls forced into marriage at a stupidly young age, even those facing gender equality on a daily basis - be it at work, out and about, or even at home. Unfortunately, it is likely that 99% of women and girls have been the subject of some form of gender inequality at some point in their lives, either on a small scale, or a wider one - myself included.

With a multitude of campaigns and endorsements from women like Emma Watson, Tanya Burr and even Kim K (who gave a rather insightful and personal take on the whole matter), it is lovely to see women come together and support one another, in a bid to achieve awareness and combat such a wide scale and serious problem. It is so refreshing to see women come together and empower one another; a stark contrast from the image that the media so often portrays, pitting women against each other for flashy headlines and page views. It's no lie that it'll be a long time before gender inequality will be well and truly banished but each day, we're that little bit closer.

In short: kudos to all the girls and women who are constantly smashing stereotypes and to those achieving what people told them that they couldn't. And to you - you keep doing you, because I'm sure you're killing it in your own way.

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