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When the Going Gets Tough

18 November 2015
As previously predicted, my life has turned into a vicious cycle which goes as such: eat, sleep, library, repeat. With the ever present dissertation hanging over my head like some sort of murderous storm cloud, everything in my life seems to have taken a slight pause, whilst university work dominates and runs rampant. But hey, nothing is ever that bad and I know for a fact that I am not alone.

I thought I'd swing on by here and sprinkle a little bit of motivation left, right and centre; because you can never have too much motivation - and if you don't need any more motivation in your life then I applaud you.

Whatever you might going through just now, you can do this and you are not alone - even when it feels like you might be. Trust me, whatever you are facing right now, you can 110% conquer.

Time to head off now and re-bury myself in books, but keep it up, you're doing great.

Until next time,

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