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A Flaw in the System

13 October 2015
The human brain is a funny, old thing, isn't it? I spend a good proportion of my day studying the thing and everything that it controls as part of my degree, but when it comes down to it, it really is just the strangest thing.

There are some days where I, probably like many of you, am completely happy to be completely introverted; tucked away in my room with blankets and candles and a whole lot of Netflix, completely content to be alone with myself and my own thoughts. There are however, days like today where I have all this space to myself but find myself to be lonely. Not in the sad songs on a loop kind of lonely, but just in a sense of being alone - which I know that I'm not - hence the peculiarity of my brain. I have a whole host of people who love me, just a phone call away but I suppose that every so often, spending an entire day by yourself, with no physical human contact just isn't what the doctor ordered. That silly, old brain of mine.

Maybe none of this made sense, maybe it all did, but I've always found that writing out my thoughts has always helped me achieve a sense of clarity and helps me to carry on with my day. Excuse me whilst I get my brain back in order, things will be back to normal in a couple of hours; this is nothing that Netflix and some hot chocolate can't fix.

Until next time,

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