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Oh Hey Friday!

8 August 2014
Oh hey there Friday, it's you again. Over at September FARM, Friday's equal the 'Oh Hey Friday' linkup, and said linkup means that I get to tell you about any 5 things that I do so desire! So all you lucky people are going to get treated to... drumroll please: 5 things that I have spent my week doing - original, I know.

1. I have spent a good proportion of my week in a state of post games depression after the Commonwealth Games ended on Sunday. Can we not just do it again and I can dance with Rod Stewart and whatnot all over again? No? Well boo you. My rehearsal bib with messages from all of my Opening Ceremony family isn't helping either.

2. I've been to the cinema twice this week and trust me, that is a lot for me - usually I'll frequent the cinema once every couple of months. Low and behold though, a girl can't turn down a special offer and when tickets are £3.60 instead of the usual £7, there are no excuses not to go.

I ended up going to see The Purge: Anarchy and The Inbetweeners 2. The Purge: Anarchy was much better than expected and gets a solid 8/10, whilst The Inbetweeners 2 only gets a 6/10 - sorry guys.

3.  Next this week was a trip to the pet shop to visit some aquatic animals, as some fish shaped friends may be making an entrance into my life at some point soon, but I'll keep you posted. Holy moly though, can we please just appreciate how HUGE this goldfish is

The other fish in this tank were considered XL goldfish, so put that bad boy next to some normal sized goldfish and it would be like looking at a baby next to an elephant - crazy I tell you. It's the Incredible Hulk of the goldfish world.

4. I finally mastered the messy bun. Doesn't sound too challenging but when you have the world's finest and straightest hair, like me, anything other than a limp, poker straight appearance is near enough impossible. Alas, multiple tutorials and a truck load of kirbies/bobby pins later, I conquered the messy bun. It was a truly beautiful moment; so beautiful in fact, that I forgot to photograph it - you'll have to forgive me on that one.

5. And last, but by no means least, I, along with the assistance of Drew, have managed to make my way through around 2 seasons of Scrubs (I'd never seen Scrubs before - yes I know, I'm a terrible person). You can't beat a good, old Netflix binge.

So there you have it, 5 things that I have spent my week doing. I'm thankful that this week has been just a little bit interesting for all of your sakes. On a side note, I also make my return to work tomorrow after a 6 week break so that should be absolutely horrific. Expect lots of retail related rants and incidents to be headed your way - don't say I didn't warn you.

Until next time!

2 comments on "Oh Hey Friday!"
  1. girl! is it totally lame to ask if you saw kate (as in the duchess) at the commonwealth games? probably. just forget i asked. :) thank you so much for linking up!!

    1. Hey there! Not lame at all when it comes to the duchess! I did actually see her from a distance where she looked flawless as always but that was about it :( me and a couple other girls did almost run into the Queen's car during the opening ceremony (by accident of course) but that's as far as my run ins with royalty go! :) Thanks for commenting! :)