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Sleepy Toilet Duties

10 July 2014
Anybody else find themselves sitting around on this fine Thursday afternoon, slowly drifting off to sleep whilst daydreaming of getting into bed tonight, or is that strictly reserved for Camp Clinkky over here? Because let me tell you, nothing and I mean NOTHING, sounds more appealing than hopping right into bed at this very moment and napping the day away. Oh the glamorous life of an almost-twenty year old.

Had you been trying to hunt me down this past week, you could have tried to find me in one of the following places: 
Rehearsals - these are held in a top secret location, so chances are, you'd never find me. 
Walking my dog - that too takes place in the middle of nowhere so again, chances are you wouldn't have found me, unless you are particularly good at/enjoy scoping out large fields.
At home, cleaning the toilets - hmmmm

I'm currently house sitting for my family whilst they jet off to some island where the sun always shines, the beach is just across the road, the food is amazing, but alas, the wifi is near to non-existent (ha!). The short periods of time that I have got to speak to them however, have been delightful affairs; times where they have only contacted me with the sole intention of asking me to clean the toilets. I can only imagine what their next cleaning demands will entail.

So yes, I'm spending a lot of time at home and yes, I have been cleaning the toilets amongst many other household objects whilst trying to cook myself a nutritious, still mostly edible meal every night, followed by a heap of ironing and washing up. All whilst my dog follows me around looking cute, begging me to take him outside. You just can't say no to that face.

So I guess I'm kind of tired, and by kind of, I mean incredibly. But hey, things could be much, much worse. If you need me, I'll just be over here, getting my Cinderella on.

Until next time!
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