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9 June 2014
This post is brought to you by the piece of glass that has lodged itself under the skin of my hand - oh the joys of working in a supermarket! I've had this post planned for a wee while now but have had absolutely no time to sit down and just focus on writing it; now however, with my new glass-shaped friend in my hand I feel like I have an excuse to just sit down and try relax before I start trying to ply out the little sucker.

I work in retail part time between my studies - a fact many of you will be aware of by now. I've dealt with everything from 2 year olds who have lost their mum in amongst the chaos of the aisles, husbands who have lost their wives somewhere between the freezers and the cereal, runaway dogs, trolley fights over cider, drunks looking for beans and people who are high as a kite, looking for munchies. Then there is everybody else, those who just pop in for anything from bread and milk to Saturday night munchies.

No matter who I come across or what they're looking for, the thing that I've learnt is that the customers I come to respect are those with some form of manners - those who show some sign of gratitude and treat me as an equal. Because lets be realistic - in a dream world there is not a chance in hell that you would find me stacking shelves on a Saturday night; it's not something that I would choose to do and most certainly isn't a job that I enjoy; having somebody appreciate your help makes it a little more bearable.

I'll put it into context for you; the other day a woman smashed her trolley into me whilst I was crouching down filling a shelf. She then proceeded to completely bypass me, acting as if nothing had happened (even though I was pretty much lying in her way, across the aisle, as if I had been hit by a truck...kinda). At this point, I was ready to flykick this woman in the face and send her packing - an apology would have sufficed but clearly this was too much of a challenge. The exact same thing happened when a woman dropped a tin of carrots on my head once; no apology, but hey, who needs an apology when you're suffering from slight concussion and aren't even sure where you are anymore?

I guess the point I'm trying to make here is that gratitude is important. Treating people like your equal is probably even more important. There really is no excuse for anything else. No matter who they are, where they are, or even where you are, a little gratitude goes a long way - trust me. Make this gal happy and throw in a thanks the next time I show you where the microwave popcorn is, you'll make my job a whole lot more bearable and it costs absolutely nothing, yay! The same applies to the real world - gratitude is free and I'm pretty sure the world will go round a whole lot smoother with a little bit more of it.

Until next time!

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