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Warning: Rising Levels of Excitement

28 May 2014
So you may remember this little post here, where I talked about that small matter of auditioning for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2014 Commonwealth Games... 10 points to everybody who guesses where this is heading!

Yup, you guessed it! Somehow I've managed to bag myself a spot in the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. Even typing that is still surreal. I do hope I get to wear a dashing hat like those pictured above - I can already practically smell the tartan that I'll no doubt be wearing head to toe.

As always, I am sworn to secrecy with all things Commonwealth Games ceremonies but I am just as, perhaps potentially more excited than my dog is at the mention of food - and trust me, that is a whole lot of excitement.

Exciting times lie ahead, all I've got to do is prepare myself to perform in front of thousands of people in a stadium, alongside the millions of others watching at home, across the world - no big deal, ha..ha...
I guess the number 3 has to be my new favourite from now on.

Until next time!
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