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Warning: Rising Levels of Excitement

28 May 2014
So you may remember this little post here, where I talked about that small matter of auditioning for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2014 Commonwealth Games... 10 points to everybody who guesses where this is heading!

Yup, you guessed it! Somehow I've managed to bag myself a spot in the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. Even typing that is still surreal. I do hope I get to wear a dashing hat like those pictured above - I can already practically smell the tartan that I'll no doubt be wearing head to toe.

As always, I am sworn to secrecy with all things Commonwealth Games ceremonies but I am just as, perhaps potentially more excited than my dog is at the mention of food - and trust me, that is a whole lot of excitement.

Exciting times lie ahead, all I've got to do is prepare myself to perform in front of thousands of people in a stadium, alongside the millions of others watching at home, across the world - no big deal, ha..ha...
I guess the number 3 has to be my new favourite from now on.

Until next time!


26 May 2014
Well, I have to apologise, it has been a little while since I have logged into Blogger and sat down to compose a post. I do hope you can forgive me, I have after all, been stuck in the fiery corner of hell known as exam season, battling my way through not one, not two, but SEVEN exams. Yes, you read that right.

Last Wednesday, at 3:30pm, I was declared officially free and left the exam hall with my head held high (to a certain extent, exams are a bit of a tricky business) and ventured off out into the unknown, ready for summer. So what exactly is it that you've been doing since you've been gone? I hear you ask. Well, let me give you the rundown - here goes nothing!

I finally acquired this little beauty - the Instax Mini 8, after lusting after it for quite some time. I opted for the yellow one as you can see and it's down right adorable! It's still sitting pretty in its box but I'm sure it will become very loved and cherished over the summer months.

I've taken this guy on a few summery adventures through the countryside, which is a lot more exciting than it looks!

Other photo-graphless things that I have been up to also include: going to see Godzilla which to my surprise, actually turned out to be pretty great. I'm still no fan of Bryan Cranston though - the only thing the man can do well is raise his voice and act angry; I'm still not convinced. I've also taken multiple trips to town and various shopping centres in attempt to buy some summery clothes. Let me tell you though, if you're no fan of crop tops then you're probably going to leave empty handed as I did - crop tops, crop tops EVERYWHERE. All was not lost though, I did leave with new nail varnishes - what more could a girl really want?

I am also guilty of developing a new addiction, in the shape of sweet & salted popcorn - heaven in a bag, I'm telling you. I've consumed Oreo brownies, lovingly baked by my friend Annie - she's basically the new Mary Berry and I could eat them all day long until you had to roll me home. I've also been sexually harassed by an old, sleazy customer at my work who told me that I could "grab him if I wanted" - ha..I think not. Oh! and I've written up a bucket list for things to achieve this summer, but that's for another day.

I think that is just about everything, a whirlwind tour of my life these past few days, in a few paragraphs. You can expect to see me in these neck of the woods more often now, I guess.

Until next time!

Playing the Waiting Game

7 May 2014
It's raining, I'm stuck in the middle of exam hell and to top it off, I'm playing the waiting game - and the waiting game is not one that I like to play, no sir. It's not that I'm an impatient person; I can tolerate the same level of waiting as your average person - hell, I work in retail and that must do serious wonders for your level of patience and all-round tolerance. It's the anticipation that kills me. In fact, scratch that, it more like tortures, taunts, then brutally murders me. Anticipation is not my friend.

I'm not good with anticipation, and by that I obviously mean in the sense of awaiting news which could potentially change things, exam results, those kinds of things. I am however, perfectly ok with waiting for and anticipating the following few at current:

- Season 5 of The Walking Dead (I've got like a year to wait, I know *sigh*)
 - The Yodel van pulling up outside my house, bearing my Instax Mini 8 shaped parcel
 - My seventh, and final exam of this seemingly never ending exam season

You catch my drift, I'm sure. But whilst I'm seemingly ok with waiting and claim to be quite the patient person, the second my email inbox states that there's some unread stuff awaiting my attention, my heart near enough stops, along with my breathing and many basic motor skills. You can only imagine my sheer joy when I find it's not the news I was waiting for but is none other than some company going out of their way to offer me the chance to add 3 whole inches to my manlihood - I say! A swift exit to the junk folder and there I am once again, playing the waiting game. I'm telling you, if refreshing your emails magically provided you with some form of income, I wouldn't need a job. Clearly I have some issues to address here.

Until next time!