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Pre-Exam Cravings

23 April 2014
So it's T minus 5 days until exams start and I'm kind of stressing out, and when I say kind of, I mean completely and utterly losing it. I, unlike most normal human beings seem to become less motivated the closer that it actually gets to my exams - a lack of motivation and abnormally high levels of stress don't really float my boat. What with being stuck in the same room every day, trying to make some sort of sense of my coursework, my mind does tend to wander and crave the random. Call it pre-exam cravings if you will; all stress and no sense.

So today, whilst trudging my way through a stack of biochemistry lectures, I decided to keep a mental note of today's cravings, even though I'm supposed to be focusing all my mental capacities on those exam things - I'll probably (definitely) regret it later. Plus, this way, I give you a spot of light reading and confirm that I am still alive and well and haven't perished amongst a stack of textbooks and seemingly unnecessary anatomy terms that I'm supposed to be learning.

In no particular order, but all of equal importance, my pre-exam cravings today consisted of:

- A new brain: yup, I actually put that on this list. There's only so much more information this brain can take; ask me to recall any of that information and I may just spontaneously combust right in front of you.

-A mozzarella sticks delivery service: because mozzarella sticks are appropriate at all times of the day and I need a delivery service on speed dial that will bring them direct to my front door - all the tasty, cheesy goodness, all day long.

- A (local) gym membership: I think this one is partly due to the fact that I've been sitting in the one spot for quite some time, living off a diet of Easter eggs, but you can't say no to Easter eggs - they're part of a national holiday, it would just be rude. On a side note, I do actually have a gym membership for the gym at my uni, I'm just too lazy to make the hour long journey to get there now that the semester is over - cut me some slack, I'm disgusting, I know.

- Frozen fruit: it's like eating an ice lolly, but much healthier, so it would be completely justified if I got to shovel spoonfuls of this stuff into my face, whilst I question what possessed me to choose a physiology degree in the first place, right before the mental breakdown ensues.

- Bundles of blankets and pillows: I can't explain this one, studying just makes me want to get cosy and curl up in a big pile of duvets, blankets, pillows, cushions and any other soft material to hand - as if all of the comfy materials in the world can hide me away from my degree for a while - HA, I wish.

- Season 4 of The Walking Dead - this isn't so much of a craving, just a 'I need this in my life at this very second' kind of thought that passes through my head every other minute - quite the distraction. I bought the season 1-3 boxset earlier in the month and Drew and I made our way through it all in around 2 weeks (the first season only has 6 episodes, so we aren't awful human beings ok?) and conveniently, the fourth season doesn't come out on DVD until August. AUGUST. That is a whole lot of time to dodge spoilers and try and fill the apocalyptic shaped void in my life. On another side note, if you are one of those people who post spoilers on social media then shame on you, you are no friend of mine.

So yes, exams are driving me crazy and study season is my least favourite time of the year, but I shall leave you with the photo below, I feel it perfectly encapsulates me, me doing my degree, and my life at university in general.

Until next time!


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