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14 April 2014
So today has consisted of sitting at a desk, amongst a seemingly endless stack of work, trying to make some sort of dent in it. All that I've been able to think about recently is my university exams which are unfortunately looming and from there on, I begin to worry and panic endlessly about my future and what it is exactly that I want to do with my life.

Seriously, I envy all of you who can happily sit there and say "oh, I want to become a doctor" or "I'm going to set up my own business" and blah blah blah because really I am completely clueless. So, whilst I was sitting there today, in the middle of my very own existential crisis, with only biochemistry and physiology textbooks for company, I came across this little gem.

It was pretty motivational, for me at least. It is around this time of year that I presume 98% of students (myself included) across the globe feel the desire to completely give up on all things educational. I don't blame any of you. At all. We should all just hop on a plane together to somewhere warm and escape for a bit - the ultimate 'F- you' to all examination boards/institutions.

Unfortunately, this year my exam results actually count for something - ugh - so the next 6 weeks of my life consist of all day and night study sessions (yes, that's probably my sobbing that you can hear).

The way I see it, if I was to write a letter for myself to read in 10 years, it would probably just read

"I hope that you're happy with whatever and wherever you are just now." 

Because I guess that's all any of us can really ask for from life - to be happy and achieve all the goals and dreams that we've set for ourselves. We get stuck in this little rut at this time of the year - the weather starts to get nicer, nights get longer and getting out of bed in the morning gets a little harder; a full day of work on top of all that, along with one too many exams isn't exactly ideal.

I guess today's little motivational message for myself was to stick at it, to keep on working, even if I don't know what direction I'm headed in - work hard and the options are endless. It's cheesy but it's true. Just like the quote says:
 "Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up".

Until next time!

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