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30 March 2014
I, like every other human being on earth, feel the need to get away from that little thing that we call 'life' every so often. Unfortunately, like most other human beings on earth, I don't have the funds to just call in my private jet and have it whisk me off somewhere on the other side of the world - a girl can only dream. I can, however, get in my car and drive off somewhere for the day.

So earlier this week, when the weather (finally) showed some signs of improvement, myself, Drew and my dog all bundled into my car and went for a drive. We ended up in one of our favourite places and went for a wander.

Ok, I confess, the weather was just slightly sunnier than usual, the wind on the other hand, was brutal; boots and jeans were still an absolute essential (hurrah!). But who am I to deny an escape from the world for a little while?

As you can see, I have a very impressive set of tree climbing skills...not. However, I think I'm worthy of all the awards after having to jump a good couple of metres over a whole host of spider eggs laid on the tree AND manage to stay firmly on my feet. For those of you who know me well, you'll be filling up with an overwhelming sense of pride right now - a great achievement, I know. Drew, on the other hand, he can get to the top of trees easy peasy but I guess that's boys for you, their childhood has set them up for this kinda stuff. And Max? Well he's just chilling and doing his own thing, like the big, chocolate-y lump that he is. 

He's pretty cute though, that you can't deny, just look at that face! Down right adorable. 

Until next time!
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