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Happy Monday

24 March 2014
7:00am: The all too familiar beeping of my alarm clock begins - ah, Monday, you again.

7:30am: A fully dressed yet somewhat still half asleep Caitlin crawls back into bed

7:45am: C'mon Caitlin, time to get moving *screams internally for a good while*

7:50am: "It's frosty outside, can I just inherit the ability to teleport already?"

8:12am: "I'm sorry to announce, that your train has been cancelled" DAMN IT

Yes, it's Monday again and yes, I know that we all love to hate Monday. As you can see, it's been a bit of a trialing Monday morning for myself - my train was cancelled and the next one turned my 15 minute journey into uni into a 40 minute one; a prize goes to the person who can guess what happens next..

Yes, you there! Congratulations! I missed my 9am lecture but I'm not too fussed. Whilst all of the odds seem to be against me today, I am relatively unscathed - it's currently 9:58am as I type yet I am still feeling relatively cheery and chirpy (we're taking bets on how long this will last). Plus it's sunny outside! Ok, ok I know that it's windy and freezing cold and if you're brave enough to step outside your door then there's the possibility that you could be frozen in a little ice block right there and then (I'm talking The Santa Claus 3 here, when Jack Frost does that thing where he freezes the parents, I know, coolest reference ever...) but still, you can admire the sun and all things bright and beautiful right from the comfort of the great indoors. Even take a nice photo and stick an Instagram filter on it, #summeriscoming 

You don't have to be a doctor to diagnose my somewhat happy and joyful mood to the fact that it's the last week of lectures at uni, then I have a nice big month off to do as I please (study) before those things that we don't talk about make an appearance (exams). It's not all fun and games though, I'll be dodging overtime from work left, right and centre; ain't nobody got time for stacking shelves and pretending to be happy. Even that thought can't bring me down - 4 more days of uni, the countdown is on.

I hope that you too, are having a wonderful Monday morning - didn't think I'd ever be saying that! And I hope that the rest of your day is just as great; I'm praying that this good mood sticks around for a while. If you, on the other hand have had a bit of a manic Monday and you're already suffering from the Monday blues, then have a photo of a happy puppy - they make everything better.

Until next time!
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