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Dance Like Nobody's Watching

17 March 2014
Up until 2 years ago, I had danced ever since I'd been about 2ft tall, a ridiculous, yet equally hilarious image (said ridiculous and hilarious images are hidden away with all my childhood photographs; there's really no reason to be sharing those now - I'd prefer not to scar you all for life!) but alas, all good things come to an end.

I started getting an ache behind my kneecaps and even just sitting down was excruciating, there was just a constant pain and I had to resort to hobbling around as my main method of transportation - lucky me! I picked up the nickname 'Hobbly Hobnob' after a while so ya know, it wasn't all bad, at least I was providing humour to those I passed on a daily basis. After several hospital visits, MRI scans and physiotherapy appointments I was diagnosed with patella tendonitis and was basically told in way more medical-y terms that I wasn't to dance again. 

I was pretty devastated, like really, I'd spent a good 12 years of my life dancing and then that was it, I just had to give it up like that (sad face). But before you start sending all your sympathetic and sad vibes my way, do not fear! Earlier on in the year I had the opportunity to apply to be a performer in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2014 Commonwealth Games - pretty big stuff, I know. I applied thinking nothing of it; it would be a fantastic opportunity but if I didn't get it then so be it. However, at the end of February I was lucky enough to be called into audition and said audition was yesterday...

Now, I've been sworn to secrecy and I've even signed a contract stating that I won't tell anybody anything about the goings on - pretty intense for an audition! So for fear of being dragged away and being imprisoned by the Commonwealth Games police forevermore, I'm going to have to leave the details of the audition to your imagination. I am willing to tell you that it was honestly so much fun and I enjoyed every minute! There may, or there may not have been some element of dance to it but it's not my place to tell you such things...

It made me realise how much I still love dancing, how I never really lost my passion for it, so today's lesson my lovelies is to never give up; even if people tell you that you can't, never turn down an opportunity that you might love or will be a great experience for you. Never let anybody hold you back from anything that you want to do (even if they do happen to have Dr. as their title and give you a medical certificate, oops). Say yes to more opportunities - I'm slowly starting to learn this and honestly, it's great. But the most important of advice: dance like nobody's watching, yup, get your Beyonce on whilst tidying, cleaning or even, dare I say it, whilst heavily intoxicated at the bar on a Friday night. I know we all stage our own mini concerts in the shower,don't lie, although I am not willing to be the ambassador for shower dancing, maybe give that one a miss for now if you enjoy having all your bones in one piece. I'll be right over here dancing it out in the meantime.

Until next time!
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