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Blue Skies all Around

11 March 2014
What on earth is that bright, shining orb in the sky? Surely it can't be?! The sun?!!?

Yup, if you reside within the UK like I do, you'll probably be aware of this sunny weather that we're experiencing - pretty unusual for early March but guess what? I'm complaining.

I know, I know, how on earth can I complain that the sun is out for the first time in forever (I swear the sun has some sort of personal vendetta against the UK) but I'm stuck inside working away on coursework and learning things about the human body that I'm 500% certain I'll never need to know, damn you physiology. I am however, following the sun around my room and shifting my work and laptop around accordingly - I'm currently writing this squished up somewhere between my drawers and bed but hey, the sun's keeping my legs warm so it's totally justified.

I hope that you reading this are somewhere warm and sunny, or if you too live in the UK, are taking full advantage of the sun; just like the guy I saw on the train this morning sporting shorts and a t-shirt - bold but definitely taking advantage.

And for those of you cooped up inside working away and stressing over that assignment that's due in tomorrow, I feel your pain but we've got this - keep dreaming of Summer, just like my dog does every single day.

Until next time!
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