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6 February 2014
Hellllllo there

We've now reached one of the most infuriating days of the week; yup, it's Thursday!

Almost Friday, but not quite - infuriating, I know. However in a feeble attempt to make your Thursday that little bit more interesting for you, I've got a couple of songs I've been enjoying this week that you might want to take a listen to - or not, the final season of How I Met Your Mother starts tonight: E4, 8:30pm (be there) if that's what you'd prefer (I definitely won't hold it against you).

First off, we have a wee tune from my favourite band - You Me At Six. Their new album just came out and there's some pretty good stuff on there, here's my favourite: Cold Night

Don't worry, if that wasn't quite your thing I've got an acoustic for you; Hurricane by Parachute to be
 precise, I've linked a live version because I was having difficulty finding the studio version, but it's just as good, promise! They're secretly also my favourite too.

I hope your Thursday is wonderful and filled with lovely things; the weekend is in sight, we've got this!


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