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24 February 2014
Whew! It's been a busy couple of weeks on my front; uni has practically taken over my life. On Tuesday night though, I managed to get out and head down to Ivory Blacks in Glasgow to go see one of my favourite bands - Our Last Night.

Our Last Night are a 4 piece post hardcore band from New Hampshire, USA. I first saw these guys supporting Sleeping With Sirens back in May 2013 and I have to say, I was pretty impressed. You can listen to one of their newer songs 'Sunrise' here but they also do some pretty good acoustics as well - if you're interested you can treat your ears here.

All formalities aside, this gig was incredible and honestly blew all other gigs I've been to, out of the water. Ivory Blacks is a very intimate venue, with a small capacity which just made the atmosphere totally different to any gig I had ever been to. I had been very keen to take my camera with me but with hindsight this probably would have been a horrific idea - there would have been nothing left of it by the end of the night! I'll apologise in advance for the lack of photos and their poor quality but it was all my little phone could manage in amongst the madness haha!

My friend and I had arrived at the venue around 4:30pm - we were a bit keen to get to the front of the queue but we were surprised to find that there were only around 8-9 people already waiting, far less than we expected - so far, so good. The drawback of this was that around 5:30pm it started to turn cold; the UK isn't exactly blessed with the best of weather! By the time it got to 6:30pm and the doors opened, my legs and hands weren't registering with my body - I couldn't get in there fast enough!

After much jumping around trying to warm up, 7pm finally came around and the first of the support acts came on. They were a local band and to be honest, I don't really remember what they were called, awful, I know (sorry). Empires Fade were next up and again, I hadn't heard of these guys either - they weren't really my cup of tea but they brought us one step closer to the headliners - Our Last Night.

The final support act of the night was Secrets - a band I have actually heard of and love. I was pretty excited when I found out that these guys would also be playing and I have to say, they didn't disappoint. It would have been nice to hear a couple more songs in their set but that's what headliners are for eh? (Hint hint) Secrets also somehow managed to start 'crowd surf  Tuesday', I still am not sure how I felt about this - being at the front left me with a lot of bruises and blows to the head. You see, 95% of those at the barrier and in the first few rows were girls and as much as we love to rant about 'girl power' and how we are strong, independent women, we just didn't have the ability to support 6ft- something guys attempting to crowd surf; they just kind of fell onto our heads while they waited for some poor guy who worked at the venue to pull them over the barrier (much sympathy for said guy, it looked a tough job).  I have to say though, even with blows to the head and neck (my friend also had her nose burst open, which was pretty messy) I have to say it only added to the atmosphere - it was something I'd never experienced before, it was amusing whilst being annoying as hell!

But finally, 9pm came around and it was time for the main event - Our Last Night. What came after this completely blew my mind and my expectations. I had never been to a gig so intimate and to have one of my favourite bands stood there barely a metre away, it was quite incredible! They came on with such energy and smashed through their songs, old and new; it was absolutely incredible. I think this is the one occasion that I was absolutely ok with being pushed up against a crowd of strangers and breathing in the stench of sweat. These guys are genuinely the best act that I have seen live and at £9 a ticket, it was an absolute bargain. I would happily pay over and over to see them again.

The crowd shot - you'll find me in the second row on the right of the guy who looks far too happy! Photo credit: Matt Vogel

As you can see, it's a pretty intimate venue and we were all pretty crushed but that was the least of my concerns - I was having far too good a time! 12 songs later and it was all over; the band left the stage, and the crowd started to diverge in their separate directions. I couldn't hear a thing because of the ridiculous ringing in my ears, but I wasn't too fussed - I was just in awe at how amazing the night had been! Nothing beats seeing one of your favourite bands in such an intimate gig. 

The guys came out to sign stuff/ take photos with people at the end of the night so I was also lucky enough to get to meet each of the guys - they're all so lovely and genuine, my face in the photos that I took with them however, is not that; I guess you can't have it all!

In all honesty though, Tuesday night was incredible and I would happily live it over and over - it far exceeded my expectations. Our Last Night have promised they'll be returning to the UK and this is a promise I really hope that they keep!

Until next time!


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