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29 December 2013
Hey guys,

It's the festive season, a time to spend with family, friends and the ones you love - my favourite time of year! I'm currently making my way to Newcastle on a train to visit family, and amidst all the trees  and the Great British countryside flying past my window, I figured now would be a great time to give you a little introduction to yours truly. I've decided to complete the 'About Me' tag, to give you a simple, insightful look into my life - enjoy!

About Me

Do you have a middle name? I do indeed, it's Rebecca

Favourite subject at school? Hmmm it was definitely a toss up between biology and P.E

Favourite Drink? I've got to go with Mountain Dew, unfortunately for me retailers do not stock this wonderful drink in the UK, boo! 

Favourite song at the moment? I'm really into 'Hurricane' by Parachute at the moment, you should check it out, I highly rate all of Parachute's music, very underrated 

What would you name your future children? You've thrown me, I have absolutely no idea

Do you participate in any sports? I used to be a dancer and was a member of netball teams until a couple of years ago when I got a really bad knee injury; it's a lifelong thing so I just have to stick to working out in the gym for now

Favourite colour? Purple, without a doubt! 

Favourite animal? PANDAS! How can you not love them?!

Favourite perfume? I love 'Diamonds' by Emporio Armani for a night out but recently I've started to like 'Angel' by Victoria's Secret, it makes a great everyday scent

Favourite holiday? Orlando, Florida, every time! 

Have you graduated high school? Yup, class of 2012! 

Have you been out the country?  Indeed I have, I love travelling to new places

Can you speak any other languages? I can bluff my way through a few French and Spanish phrases but fluently? I wouldn't stand a chance

Favourite shop? Hmm this changes quite regularly for me depending on the time of year and shop stock but just now it's definitely Forever 21 so I'll stick with that 

Favourite restaurant? Goodness, I could talk about food for days! It's either Zizzi's or TGI Friday's, depending on my mood, I love them both too much to choose just one!

Favourite Youtubers?  When it comes to YouTube I'm definitely 'that guy' who loves the likes of Zoella, Pointlessblog, thatcherjoe, tanyaburr and tyleroakley - predictable I know 

Favourite movie? This is much harder than I anticipated, I have too many to list but at the moment I'm a big fan of The Hunger Games movies

Favourite TV show? Dexter, no explanation necessary (let's not forget Gossip Girl as we'll , but who doesn't love Gossip Girl?! *ahem* Chuck Bass *ahem*)

PC or Mac? PC, based purely upon the fact I've never used a mac before, whoops

What phone do you have? Currently the iPhone 5 

How tall are you? 5'6, I'm the most average of average

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